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Image Watermarking - Centering - El Forum - 09-06-2010


I've been experimenting with Code Igniter's image manipulation class and so far I'm very impressed!

One thing that I think may be a bug however is that the config property to center a text watermark on an image only seems to work with the default GD font.

I've experimented with other variable and fixed width fonts and have discovered that it's the spaces that cause the incorrect alignment.

For example, if I have a single word, it's perfectly centered. However, if I then have 2 words, it's slightly off. Adding other words (and thus more spaces) makes the centering even further off.

Any help fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated!


Image Watermarking - Centering - El Forum - 09-11-2010

Try my image_moo lib (in sig) that has text watermarking, see if it's any better.