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PDO -> MSSQL - El Forum - 09-07-2010

I'm currently rewriting legacy code for someone who uses PDO to connect to MSSQL. This is gravy but i've been unsuccessful in porting something over to CI that can do the same. My first thought was to connect directly to MSSQL but found a php 5.3/MSSQL headache. Trying to enable the MS provided php->mssql access has been a nightmare on the current server setup. Moving forward my only option is to utilize PDO to connect to MSSQL to get this legacy code ported. Have any of you attempted this? Will this involve extending some DB Drivers/etc or does anyone have some classes already built for this type of task?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

James Greene
[email protected]

PDO -> MSSQL - El Forum - 06-02-2011

[eluser]Nathan Pitman (Nine Four)[/eluser]
Did you find a solution to this issue? Would be interested to hear how you solved the problem...