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imagejpeg function / annoying warning - El Forum - 09-09-2010


I got this stupid warning, over an over, and i cant find why :
Quote:Message: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open 'gallery/large/' for writing: Is a directory

the code from a controller:
$toFile = 'gallery/large/';
$image = 'image.jpg';
imagejpeg($image, $toFile, 100);

I use MAMP on MacOS X, and the thing is i got this error only when i use this function in the code igniter scripts ... :-$

This is what i tried before posting here:
- chmod 777 on the large folder
- sudo chown _www large ( to make mamp the owner of the folder )
- use relative and absolute path for the $toFile variable
- use mkdir($toFile, 0777); to create the folder with the script
- i can create and copy other things in the folder from my script, but impossible to use this function ... its a mystery for me.

If anyone have an idea, please give me an hit

imagejpeg function / annoying warning - El Forum - 09-10-2010


According to the php manual page for that function the parameters need to be (in order) the image resource (resource), the filename (string), and the quality (int).

So instead of passing the directory to the function, pass a filename:

$toFile = 'gallery/large/';
$image = 'image.jpg';
$filename = $toFile.$image;
imagejpeg($handle, $filename, 100);