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"Global Models"? - El Forum - 09-22-2010

[eluser]Drew J[/eluser]
Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if there's an "easy" way to have "global models"?

For example, we have the built in Libraries and Helpers with CI root of the CI install. So if we have multiple applications running under the same install (/ci_system/application), they all use the same built in CI libraries.

I'm running several apps under the same installation that all have identical user_models, etc. If I change one of them, I need to change all of them. It would be great if I could put these somewhere that all the apps share so I'm only changing things once.

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions.

"Global Models"? - El Forum - 09-23-2010

[eluser]Victor Michnowicz[/eluser]
I'm sure there is a better solution, but you could try symlinks for the time being.

"Global Models"? - El Forum - 09-24-2010

[eluser]Drew J[/eluser]
Good thought. Just have to make sure other people working on the project (it's in a git repo) know which file to edit. Smile