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Codeigniter Session Problem - El Forum - 09-30-2007

[eluser]Justin Patel[/eluser]
I am facing some problem with codeigniter session. Some time the session expires automatically. Now i got logged in and i put some information in to session now when i got another page it get expires and get nothing in session

plz help me to get out of this

Codeigniter Session Problem - El Forum - 10-01-2007

Are you using user agent matching? if so try turning it off, and se if it helps. There is a bug regarding sessions with user agent matching, the fix is very simple, and you can find it in the forums

Codeigniter Session Problem - El Forum - 10-01-2007

[eluser]Justin Patel[/eluser]
Thanks you all, I fix the problem . many times we put

error_reporting(E_ALL^ E_NOTICE ^ E_WARNING);

to ignore the error so it cause the problem of session (i am saying some time).
If some one face this kind of error be sure to keep your error level to


to do tests.

Thanks Justin.