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Email library and Mass Sending - El Forum - 10-09-2007

Note this is just a idea not actually coded or used yet.
I have a site where it has a user base and I need to send a HTML Newsletter out to them. Their emails are in a DB and since the email library can use a array as the TO input I figured it would be simple to send out the email. However a few issues come into play.

First any user I send this to can see all of the emails in the TO field, not good since these emails need to stay private.
Second I need to not be considered as spam because of this mass sending.
Third how would I do this with CI's class and not kill mysql at the same time for the mass sending.

Any knowledge and help with this is much appreciated.

Also I've never messed with making a HTML newsletter, from what I can find its rather simple to do.

Thanks again.

Email library and Mass Sending - El Forum - 10-10-2007

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
In this post I answer a few questions about mass mailing.

Not everything you asked, but it's a start (I'm not very familiar with blacklists, spamlists, etc). I was just answering the question in the linked thread from a technical standpoint.

Email library and Mass Sending - El Forum - 10-10-2007

Hmm okay, thanks that will help with some of it.