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Authorize CIM payment processing - El Forum - 11-05-2010

greetings - am new to codeigniter, have done a couple small sites, and now am trying to set up authorize CIM payment processing.
i have an authorize developer account with the testing account all set up.

quick rundown of what i found
* codeigniter wiki
a small chunk of code and a complaint that they can't upload the file.

*cloud manic cim library
got some functions to work (set up customer and payment profile), but others like purchase error out.

*seiller library
maybe this is great, i'm not experienced enough. the example file is not set up as a ci controller.
maybe we are supposed to copy code from his tutorial to make up the controller.

looks like its set up for authorize aim only cim - customer information manager - has a lot of advantages - customers are assigned an id, and then separate ids for each payment profile (credit card). repeat customers are immediately shown the last 4 digits of the credit card(s) on file - so they don't have to enter their credit card number every time which increases repeat sales. customers can easily have more then one credit card associated with the account, so they can have a choice of which card they want to pay with.

the merchant only stores the issued id numbers, so its pci compliant.

if anyone has worked with one of the above options, and/or has some code they can share -- would very much appreciate it.
thanks in advance.

Authorize CIM payment processing - El Forum - 11-29-2010

Just pushed a complete rewrite of this lib to gitHub. Should have all the functionality now.