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is there such a thing - El Forum - 11-13-2010

since i'm new to codeigniter, i have started to go through the wiki and the user manual. which book would you recommend? im looking to jump in head first. i've already played and seem to understand the basics of it. but i need to expand that little bit of knowledge.

Im the type of person who learns best when i have a book that i can highlight, write in and make notes. granted, printing out the user manual is a possibility, but it would take some time.

is there such a thing - El Forum - 11-13-2010

I started off with this:

Made it about half way through before tackling the redevelopment of my site... provides a great (at least it did for me) foundation.

More from Amazon -

Check to see is there's a store called "Half-Priced Books" near you (you can also find them online)... you can usually get some great deals from them. If your local one doesn't have what you're looking for,they can call to their other stores and see if any of them have the books you're looking for --- I picked up some good Web2.0 & AJAX books that way once.


is there such a thing - El Forum - 11-13-2010

nice. thank you.
i was looking at this one too.

Haven't seen a half-priced store around me. have BAM and Borders. But i'm sure i can order them on-line.

What Ajax books would you recommend?