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Building My "Perfect" CI 2.0 Setup - What Do I Need? - El Forum - 11-26-2010

Hi everyone,

I'm working on my "perfect" base CodeIgniter setup. This will basically be the base framework that I install on all new CI apps I work on. I'm curious what everyone would recommend for essential add-ons/components of a perfect CodeIgniter setup.

So far, I have written my own DI Framework/IoC Container to manage dependencies, which also allows for constructor dependency injection into my controllers.

I have also written a system of handling which controller functions are "members only" or "guests only". I decided to use DocBlocks and Reflection to accomplish this, so I can just put this above my controller functions to make them "members only":

* @MembersOnly

What other things would you suggest for a good starting-point CI application? What about modular separation? I have heard some about it, but what problems does it solve and what benefits does it give you?

Anything else you would recommend?