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</form> isn't showing up - El Forum - 11-30-2010

I have a basic form on my page and form_close() isn't creating the </form>.

Anyone have any clues? here is some of my code:

<div style='float: right'>

        &lt;?php echo form_open('lead/delete', array('id'=>'form_delete', 'name'=>'form_delete'));

        echo form_input(array('name'=>'delete', 'id'=>'delete', 'value'=>'true', 'type'=>'hidden'));
        echo form_input(array('name'=>'id', 'id'=>'id', 'value'=>$lead->id, 'type'=>'hidden'));

        echo $edit_lead; echo $delete_lead;

        form_close(); ?&gt;


results in this:

<div style='float: right'>

        &lt;form action="http://augusta/peaksales/lead/delete" method="post" id="form_delete" name="form_delete"&gt;
&lt;input type="hidden" name="delete" value="true" id="delete"  /&gt;
&lt;input type="hidden" name="id" value="100" id="id"  /&gt;
<button name="edit_lead" type="button" id="edit_lead" class="button-orange bold" >Edit Lead</button>
<button name="delete_lead" type="button" id="delete_lead" class="button-grey bold" >Delete Lead</button>

Where is the &lt;/form&gt;?

&lt;/form&gt; isn't showing up - El Forum - 11-30-2010

Nevermind... wasn't echoing the form_close(). Brilliant :-(

&lt;/form&gt; isn't showing up - El Forum - 11-30-2010

It's the little things that make programming fun, right? Smile