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404 error - El Forum - 12-01-2010

Hello, I`m using codeigniter with nginx/php-fm.

I saw in the codeigniter error log some 404 errors given on existing pages (working in normal conditions).

I tried a stress test on a static page (.html) no errors occured
I tried a stress test on a php page with phpinfo() no erros

When I try to test some codeinigter links from 1000 requests about 100 are 404


404 error - El Forum - 12-01-2010

If I understand it correctly, you are stress testing same page all the time and about 10% of test gives you 404 back?

I could imagine that some other error would occur (out of resources or such) - but 404?! :S

Can you take a look in the Apache log (and if you have priviledges extend logging)?