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Building an Application for Group Buying site - El Forum - 12-06-2010

Hi everyone,

I've been trolling here for a while, some amazing posts. This is a great community and has enabled me to re-learn PHP and also introduce me to CI.

I'm building your typical Group Buying (aka. Groupon) site using CI2.

My ideas:
- frontend/backend
- native sessions backed by memcached (can control via the php.ini)
- mysql (separate server, coupled with memcached to start - can have multi web heads)
- orm datamapper
- tank auth
- facebook connect (integrating this into tank auth)
- ocular template

We already have an app built on CI that is in the wild and doing decent revenue and volume, but needs a full rewrite (we bought it off a script company...).

Things I need to consider:
- scaling database (how do you do this? how do you have data geo-distributed?) - good article somewhere? for ecommerce.
- scale web is easier, can deploy the code base on servers anywhere and use dynect to send request to closest match, bad if all of these web heads are phoning home to seattle for database... need most help here.
- api (would like to expose some of the data for mobile apps, affiliates, etc) - need help
- nginx or apache (for http/web)
- mysql for sure?

Anything else anyone can think of? I would love some feedback on the above or just your thoughts. I would definitely like to plan for future scale in the beginning. NGINX could be a big question too.

Thanks for any help, if no help then at least I put my thoughts down and know what's next.

Building an Application for Group Buying site - El Forum - 03-14-2011

if you will do all that thing with the time i can help you Smile

Building an Application for Group Buying site - El Forum - 03-17-2011

i have allready started the project however i need some ideeas right now it's very basic but i think i can do more than that.
IF i'll release this groupon on codeigniter i'll sell it for only 100$.
How's interested please email me or PM me.