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Form question - El Forum - 01-07-2011

Hello all and TGIF if it applies to you. I have a form question for my web site. I currently have several forms on my site and they all work great. What I'm trying to do for one of them is remove an intermediate step in selection of a date. The view of interest has a model call that will display every date entered for a person and display them in a table. What I want to do is add an anchor link to each so that the date can easily be selected and display a form to edit it. I use the url approach to attach multiple values needed to be passed on to the form controller. The problem I can't get around is; the form controller needs to have the needed variable passing structure in the function call (ie: function index($ptID){...}) so that the form can be set-up with the correct information. But the form_validation fail will call the same function and error because the (function index($ptID){...}) still needs the $ptID. I hope I've explained what I mean well enough? Basically all I'm triing to do is display dates from a database and achor them to make them individually editable.

TY in advance

Form question - El Forum - 01-08-2011

[eluser]Cristian Gilè[/eluser]
Hi Todlerone, provide a reduction code of the controller and the view.

Cristian Gilè

Form question - El Forum - 01-13-2011

[quote author="Cristian Gilè" date="1294512965"]Hi Todlerone, provide a reduction code of the controller and the view.

Cristian Gilè[/quote]

TY again for your reponse Cristian. Once I got back to work (stomach flu worked its way through my family) I slowly looked over my code and eventually got it to work. Was a very good learning experience.