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upload photo to mysql? - El Forum - 01-10-2011

ok. I have searched and searched... no results.

I am looking for a CI method to allow a user to upload a photo and my controller / model would then store this photo as a blob into a mysql database.

I wouldn't think this would be so difficult but nothing I have tried is working as of yet.

Could you point me in a good direction to learn?
I would appreciate your help.

upload photo to mysql? - El Forum - 01-10-2011

I would rather upload and store the file into the file system and just store the name into db, rather than storing it into db.

upload photo to mysql? - El Forum - 01-11-2011

[eluser]Josh Holloway[/eluser]
As above, store the url in a db and the file in an upload directory on your server.