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CodeIgniter Translations - jlp - 11-26-2014

A number of community members have asked about translations of the CodeIgniter system messages (system/language/english) into their own languages. We now have a mechanism to facilitate that.

We will host approved translations on our github account. The translation folder(s) inside one of these can then be copied to your application/language folder, without having to change the core framework.

I have started the ball rolling with a sample such translation, for Yodish. Yes, it is tongue in cheek, but it is only an example.

If you wish to propose/maintain an "approved" translation, send me an email. If we agree, then I will create a repository for you and make you the maintainer.

There is nothing to prevent any of you from creating your own translations, as part of a repository or not - the ones on bcit-ci are just the "approved" ones.

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - sv3tli0 - 11-27-2014

1st of all GOOD ONE !
It's good to have this translation pack.

But I think that it will be better to have 1 single repo about those translations, because there are a lot of languages and there is no point to have so many repositories about the same thing.
1 repo to contribute (translate) for all languages.

P.S. Instead of multiple repositories we can have a different branches.. Smile

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - jlp - 11-27-2014

We discussed that in council, and concluded that separate repositories would have two main benefits:

1) make the translations easier to maintain - one primary person for each of them, rather than having an army of maintainers for a single repository.

2) the repositories can be individually brought in sync with new framework releases, rather than holding up a translations "package" for a small number of translations that were not complete.

We may have to revisit this, but it makes sense for now.

I anticipate a few dozen translations, for the most popular languages.

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - sv3tli0 - 11-27-2014


Just I am not sure this is a correct usage of git repositories.

Good luck Smile

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - hvmitev - 11-27-2014

Hi @jlp
Let's think that there is around 200 countries around the world.
50% of them to have a translations = 100 languages.
Yes you can separate them but imagine if you want to change something in all repos and also integration of all of them in CI can be a problem.
But i think this idea is great, keep on Wink

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - jlp - 11-28-2014

I am heeding the community feedback, and have combined any translations into a simple repository:

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - artha.nugraha - 12-09-2014

this is a great one

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - no1 - 12-14-2014

gonna help :p

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - marcogmonteiro - 12-16-2014

I see that Portuguese is already done! Awesome Smile Nice work guys. Keep up.

RE: CodeIgniter Translations - oliversieu - 12-19-2014

i want translate to Vietnamese?