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500 Internal server error: /var/www/site/ - El Forum - 02-10-2011


I have a problem trying to setup CI in my server, I getting an internal server error at: /var/www/site/, first I will explain what I have done:

I uploaded the site and tried to access it, this is when I got the internal server error, then I placed a file at: /var/www/site/FILE.php (with "echo 'works';"), and I was able to see the output, so I guess this means there's nothing wrong with my serer configuration.

then I did ("chmod 777 -R /var/www/site"), but I'm still getting the 500 internal server error, so I placed a new copy of CI which worked fine, then I though maybe my app was kind of messed up, so I starting placing my controllers, models, etc. into the new CI copy, then I started getting (databases credential errors, etc,) which is ok... but when I started configuring my app again, I noticed that when I do: "$autoload['libraries'] = array('database', 'session', 'xmlrpc'); ", I get a blank page with the Internal server error message, and no apache logs, I did chmod 777 again, but no luck. I've been stock so far, trying to fix this issue..

Does anyone know what's going on?

I read several 500 error post in this forum, but none of then seems to be the same as mine... thanks for your help in advance..

500 Internal server error: /var/www/site/ - El Forum - 02-10-2011

My bad, this is the second time I have problems with this, the problem is that I forgot to install: php5-mysql, and since CI doesn't show any errors, I get lost... Wink..

so: apt-get install php5-mysql solved the issue Smile