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MY_set_value - El Forum - 02-11-2011

Hi, guys

I am writing my own function for set_value. But I can't figure out why should I look in validation class for function set_value. Isn't value from validation class and from POST the same? Thanks
* Grabs a value from the POST array for the specified field so you can
* re-populate an input field or textarea.  If Form Validation
* is active it retrieves the info from the validation class
function set_value($field = '', $default = '')
        if (FALSE === ($OBJ =& _get_validation_object()))
            if ( ! isset($_POST[$field]))
                return $default;

            return form_prep($_POST[$field], $field);
        return form_prep($OBJ->set_value($field, $default), $field);

MY_set_value - El Forum - 02-11-2011

The values will not be the same if you Prep the Refrence in the Form Vailidation Class read:

Hope that helps you out,
- Enjoy