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xss_clean - El Forum - 03-15-2011

[eluser]Cesar Kohl[/eluser]
Is there any difference between





If I use both will it be redundant?

Thanks in advance!

xss_clean - El Forum - 03-15-2011

I am 98.44356543524363546% sure that they're exactly the same thing as....

$data = $this->security->xss_clean($data);

It's just a different method of using the same functionality

It can be found here
and here..
and here...
and other places that I just got lazy I didn't care to list. Smile
I hope it helps!

Ohh, and if I'm wrong....please be genital.


xss_clean - El Forum - 07-01-2012

This just tripped me up, while upgrading from CI 1.7.2 to CI 2.1.1. Since that required six steps of upgrade, I'm not sure where this happened, but...

This is no longer valid, and kills execution of the script:


The Security class must apparently now be used instead of the Input class for XSS filtering. I did not see this anywhere in the upgrade steps.