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problem in uploading images on server - El Forum - 03-21-2011

[eluser]Rahul gamit[/eluser]
My problem is,
I am uploading an image on server and when, downloading it it gives error like Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in on /home/projectx/public_html/CodeIgniter/system/application/views/upload/images/logo_for_eepro.gif

for uploading an image i am using ckfinder with php version 5.2.6 , and i am uploading the images in the c:wamp/www/system/application/views/upload/images/

and to download this image i am using following code
foreach(get_filenames('C:/wamp/www/CodeIgniter/system/application/views/upload/images/') as $image_name)

the above code will work on local server, but it wont work on live server.

please help me ..
thanks in advance