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Nested tabs - El Forum - 04-17-2011

Hi, I have a page with tabs.

The tabs are nested, and the markup for them is generated dynamically.

At the moment it's written in ordinary procedural php. I am trying to move it over to CI.

My question is about a key part of the existing code which I want to replicate in CI. Basically, in this section of code I nest a query within a while clause used to loop over results from another query.

From my experience of CI, that sort of looping is done in a view, whereas a query is done in the model. This is what bothers me.

Any thoughts or guidance gratefully received.


        $queryall2 = "select distinct pcat, pcatid from pcategory inner join projects on pcatid = projcat order by pcat desc";
        $resultall2 = mysql_query ( $queryall2) ;
                while ($row2 = mysql_fetch_assoc ($resultall2))
        { ?>
            <div id="fragment-&lt;?php echo $row2['pcatid'];?&gt;" style="background-color: #F2F3F5";>
        &lt;?php    $jobcat=$row2['pcatid'];
                $queryall3 = "select projid, projtit, projcost, projdate from projects where projcat= '$jobcat'";
                $resultall3 = mysql_query ( $queryall3 ) ;
                while ($row3 = mysql_fetch_assoc ($resultall3))
            { ?&gt;
                <li><a href= "#fragment-&lt;?php echo $row3['projid']?&gt;a"><span>&lt;?php echo $row3['projtit']; ?&gt; </span></a></li>
     &lt;?php     } ?&gt;

Nested tabs - El Forum - 04-17-2011

Process the query in model, to generates multi dimensional array, then passed it to view via controller. Extract that values in your view, with nested foreach or while statement.

Nested tabs - El Forum - 04-17-2011

Thank you: I think I get it. Do a query wh returns all the data wanted - do a foreach loop for the li elements, and foreach foreach loop for the divs

Ok haven't tried it yet but now have a direction.