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Maximum length of URI - El Forum - 04-21-2011


I'm wandering what the maximum URI length is, and if URI segments being used as arguments to a controller function count towards the browsers GET length limit? I think most browsers cap there GET parameter length to about 2000?

Currently if my total URI length (inc. https://domain/folder/controller/function/argument) exceeds around 1560 characters I get a forbidden message.

'Forbidden You don't have permission to access /folder/controller/function/argument on this server'

If I trim the characters back to under around 1550~1560 it works fine again. I realise 1500+ is alot anyway, which is why I was wandering if URI counts towards the GET limit.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Do I need to rely on weird hidden forms so I can post the data forward?

BTW: I'm using the URI protocol AUTO in the config

Maximum length of URI - El Forum - 04-21-2011

2048 but some browsers can go over that, if you stick to 2000 it should work in all the major browsers


Maximum length of URI - El Forum - 04-21-2011

Would the forbidden message be because of this limit? It seems more like a server issue?

Maximum length of URI - El Forum - 04-21-2011

Is there a way to extend this limit? Where is this limit imposed in the code? I'd like to find it and change it.