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CRUD example need. - El Forum - 05-09-2011

i am a newbie to cI, and surfing user guide to develop basic CRUD.
Reading - viewing - deleting database records work is just fine.

but i need update page .

1 getting information from database using Model --- okey
2 pass $data to view in controller page's update function --- okey
3 populate form fields with that data is --------------- problem Sad

i use set_value function but it did nt work.

please suggest me a CRUD example. there are a lot of CRUD example from google, but they are in 1.7 examples. and dont work on new versions of apache Smile)))

my system is

###### Apache Friends XAMPP Lite (Basis Package) version 1.7.3 ######

+ Apache 2.2.14 (IPV6 enabled)
+ MySQL 5.1.41 (Community Server) with PBXT engine 1.0.09-rc
+ PHP 5.3.1 (PEAR)


CRUD example need. - El Forum - 05-10-2011

post your view here so we can see it.

sounds like you are using set_value incorrectly...