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Routing - El Forum - 05-20-2011


I just read "" and desided to use the second method described and ran into a problem immediatly.
I installed a clean copy of CI, made a controller application/controllers/admin/login.php and in in routes.php i wrote $route['admin'] = 'admin/login';.
Now i expected that if ill write http://localhost/mysite/admin i would be lead to my controller, i wasnt, got an error that page dosent exist.
I tried writing $route['default_controller'] = "admin/login"; and when i wrote http://localhost/mysite/ i got where i wanted.
I dont even know what to do next, did i do something wrong or is something broken?

Thanks, Donald.

Routing - El Forum - 05-20-2011

I found out what the problem is. Apperently i have to write http://localhost/mysite/index.php/admin, not just mysite/admin.
Sorry for the unnessecery thread Smile