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Codeigniter + Magento - El Forum - 05-26-2011

My client has a full fledged magento store in place right now and wants me to build something on top of that.

I don't know how to use magento, so I coded it in codeigniter on a separate server thinking I could just place it into a subdirectory and change the paths in the config and .htaccess files as well as the db info when I moved it over to production....

It's not working. If I navigate into the subdirectory magento doesn't recognize that it's a different set of files. It's treating any *.php as something it's own file and going to the "no authentication" magento page. But if you go to an *.html page within the subdirectory it works just fine.

Anyone else know how to correct this?

I can PM ftp access if needbe.

Codeigniter + Magento - El Forum - 05-29-2011

[eluser]DeaD SouL[/eluser]
Hi loganbest,

I would check the ".htaccess" file, if I were you Wink