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Multiapplication -> separating only controllers - El Forum - 06-03-2011

Hello everybody!

I start to use codeigniter couple of months ago. I can tell -> codeigniter is very lovely software for making everything what is possible.

Programmers, which are developing HIGH LEVEL systems, multisystems, multiapplications in diferent situations...

My project is differenc, multi systems connected to one system. I will not talk about details, it is not important, but I need a LOGICAL solituon for my problem.

I have multi applications on diferente systems. Everything is configed in config files, hooks, other stuff are in all applications the same. I need only to separate controllers for each applications. I found a solution for making multiple applications with one codeigniter installation, but then you separate everything -> hooks, config, controllers, views...

What i need is only to separate controllers. Any suggestions? Tnx for you reply!

Multiapplication -> separating only controllers - El Forum - 06-03-2011


this is an example of managing applications, but what i need is only to manage diferent controllers source for applications. not views, not libraries... etc.

any idea?