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Version problem - El Forum - 06-12-2011

[eluser]Roy MJ[/eluser]

Ive been using version 1.7.2 of codeigniter framework and curently i got a project where half the portion is done by the client itself(which i think is the latest one or 2.0 since the folder arrangements and all are very different) .I just have to create the admin section. So i put i all the codes for the admin section(controller, model, view). But this doesnt seem to work. Im gettin directed to the login page(which i can know through url), but page is an empty page. Can anyone tell me what might be the issue. Ive updated the database as well. Is there something that i have to add in any of the pages other than admin_url in config???

Version problem - El Forum - 06-15-2011