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International Site - Different Keywords ? - El Forum - 06-20-2011

I've got a general question. I want to make an international website with different languages. The url looks like this:
http://domain.tld/language The information are stored in a cookie.
I use this

Now my question: What's better for google ? Making a description and keywords in each language or use only englisch for the description ? I looked what Facebook do, they use different descriptions but other sites like uses only englisch descriptions.

Any ideas ?

International Site - Different Keywords ? - El Forum - 06-20-2011

I personally have different.
So for english users it finds english content and for the international searches the specific language.

But if you serve the same language content I don't know if it would help.

If on the other hand your content is also multilingual then showing the language segment in the url really helps google (and other engines) index your content and so let it provide better demographic results.

Facebook btw can go on in many ways, it's rank is already too high.

Personal thoughts of course.

International Site - Different Keywords ? - El Forum - 06-23-2011

I think i will use one description in english. Thank you