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localhost problem - hadeel - 12-03-2014

Hi, i am working on website i have download it and trying to make it work on local host to make some updates but the controllers are not working i think because when i try to make registration for example its taking me to object not found page any one have idea about what should i do to make it work ?

RE: localhost problem - Rufnex - 12-03-2014

i think it depends on your installation. Have you set the config.php, database.php, etc. with your local needs? Also have you copied the files in your correct local root directory?

RE: localhost problem - hadeel - 12-03-2014

yes i have change the config file and database file what else should i do?
the main page is working but not the controllers
should i install the CodeIgniter because i only added it to htdocs in xampp ?

RE: localhost problem - kilishan - 12-03-2014

Hadeel -

Please don't post duplicate replies. I've deleted the extras. I understand you're looking for answers, but post the same reply every hour for 3+ hours won't make the answer come any faster.

RE: localhost problem - Rufnex - 12-03-2014

Normaly its enough to copy the CI installation to your local folder. Your document root should start with the index.php etc. and have included the /system /application, etc. folders.

Can you post your exact error message.

RE: localhost problem - hadeel - 12-03-2014

First I am really sorry I think I have a problem I didn't see the dublicated posts
and second I attached a screen shot of error page

RE: localhost problem - Rufnex - 12-03-2014

Dont worry about the double post, i think it was because we have to approve new members posts and so you couldnt see them ;o) And dont worry about us we cant to keep the board clean.

Do you have a controller /application/talentmena.php in your directory. your ci files must be direct in your homedirectory for e.g.

/var/www/html <-- if this ist the path to localhost


Do you have a .htaccess file in you root?

RE: localhost problem - hadeel - 12-03-2014

my website is working online but i want to make changes on local server but when i try to work on it only the main page working other pages that need controller are not working .

RE: localhost problem - rfulcher - 12-04-2014

This is a stretch but I would also check the .htaccess file.  I have seen that at times affect the routing and cause funny things.  I would try and setup a clean CI with .htaccess.  Then use that as the .htaccess file for the project.  Also try getting the .htaccess file from the live server and putting it in place on your local machine.