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i have problemhi - El Forum - 07-09-2011


i have download codeigniter but i see just a lot of html page .Where is the software ,or is my mistake ,i see nothing for instal this software in my pc , just for extract from arhive .

Maybe is my fault
[email protected] is my email adres , please send me one answer

i have problemhi - El Forum - 07-12-2011

[eluser]Naga Gotama Adhiwijaya[/eluser]
codeigniter is a php framework, just a file with scripting language, you no need to install CI, just write that with any text editor. but you need a web server to run it.

i have problemhi - El Forum - 07-13-2011

[eluser]Juan Velandia[/eluser]

I you want to use Codeigniter you should have wamp installed on your windows machine, once you have it installed you should download CI on the www folder of your wamp installation, and in your browser type -localhost- this way you will see what's CI for