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watermarking and padding option - El Forum - 07-19-2011

This may be an issue for a lot of folks, but I'm not entirely sure what is causing it.

First, there's a typo on the Image Manipulation Class page:

There is a reference to "$config['wm_padding'] = '20';"

In the list of "Watermarking Preferences", the parameter is labeled "padding", not "wm_padding".

I haven't had any good results with setting the wm_padding, so I set it at 0. If you set it to any other value, even 10 or 20 your watermark can be shifted right off the image.

If you're having problems with watermarks, try removing the wm_padding setting, or setting it to "0", and see if that resolves the immediate problem of the watermark not appearing.

Actually, I think the padding problem is related to where your watermark appears on your image. The top right position may not be as bad as the bottom left position.