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Parent::controller - El Forum - 07-27-2011

Dear Sir,

Am watching the video tutorial from the site, but when am adding the function BLog:

class Blog extends CI_Controller {

Quote: function Blog()

function index()



it gives me an error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method CI_Controller::controller() in C:\wamp\www\application\controllers\blog.php on line 8

Any help please??

Parent::controller - El Forum - 07-27-2011

What version of php are you running

Parent::controller - El Forum - 07-27-2011

If your running CodeIgniter v2.0.+ then you have to change Controller to CI_Controller and Model to CI_Model
also the constructor is new!
public function __construct()
    // NOTE: The constructor is not need unless you are setting parameters!


Parent::controller - El Forum - 07-28-2011

yeah am using Codeigniter V2.0, thanks a lot it works now...
I need it because I want to load Helper to use the function anchor(); for comments