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Stored procedure for editing the data is not working - El Forum - 07-30-2011

[eluser]Rahul gamit[/eluser]
I am trying to edit my records using the storedprocedure of mysql.
The problem is that , when i am tracing the lastquery which has been called very last using $this->db->last_query() it gives the called storedprocedure with parameters but it wont able to update any records in database.
here is my code

My StoredProcedure
CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `tblaccountmaster_edit`(
IN p_account_id            int,
IN p_company_name          VARCHAR(250),
IN p_first_name            VARCHAR(250),
IN p_last_name             VARCHAR(250),
IN p_billing_address       VARCHAR(500),
IN p_city                  VARCHAR(100),
IN p_state                 VARCHAR(100),
IN p_country_id            INT,
IN p_postal_code           VARCHAR(10),
IN p_mobile_no             VARCHAR(20),
IN p_primary_phone_no      VARCHAR(30),
IN p_secondary_phone_no    VARCHAR(30),
IN p_fax_no                VARCHAR(30),
IN p_email                 VARCHAR(50)

UPDATE tblaccountmaster
company_name        =        p_company_name,
first_name          =        p_first_name,
last_name           =        p_last_name,
billing_address     =        p_billing_address,
city                =        p_city,
state               =        p_state,
country_id          =        p_country_id,
postal_code         =        p_postal_code,
mobile_no           =        p_mobile_no,
primary_phone_no    =        p_primary_phone_no,
secondary_phone_no  =        p_secondary_phone_no,
fax_no              =        p_fax_no,
email               =        p_email
WHERE account_id    =        p_account_id;
select last_insert_id() as account_id;

and this is how i am calling this storedprocedure
$query= "CALL tblaccountmaster_edit(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)";    
        $result = $this->db->query($query,array(
            $str = $this->db->last_query();
            echo $str;

i am using $this->db->last_query() so it will gives me the query which has been lastly called like this
CALL tblaccountmaster_edit('19','test infotech','test first name','test last name','surat','surat','gujarat','1','394210','979797979','1321321','123','265629','[email protected]')
and when i am executing this procedure in my client db tool it gives me the correct result, but when i am calling from codeigniter it won't work..

thanks in advance