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[solved]Function URL issue? - El Forum - 07-30-2011

Hello everyone:

Im having a slight problem with my urls in the sense that if I was to refresh the page all my functions will get re-executed which means data will get duplicated in the database etc.

This is my url:


However this loads a "Success" view page where it says the user has submitted the data succesfully. If you refresh the page it executes functions "submitform".

I tried loading another function within my submitform function called "success" however the URL does not change.

So really I want something like this:


Any suggestions how to fix this?

I tried using redirect however this breaks my page as I am passing data to my success view. I get undefined variable.


[solved]Function URL issue? - El Forum - 07-31-2011

You could do the redirect and use the flashdata in the sessions class to pass the data you need to display in the view.

[solved]Function URL issue? - El Forum - 07-31-2011

Thanks that fixed it! Smile