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OBSession weirdness... - El Forum - 11-26-2007

Ok, this may seem stupid, but I have to ask...

When using OBSession, if I print_r($this->session) I *SEE* to get the whole CI object:
CI_Session Object
    [CI] => Wcg Object
            [_ci_scaffolding] =>
            [_ci_scaff_table] =>
            [config] => CI_Config Object
                    [config] => Array

Yet, when I look at the data stored in the database(which I am using to store the session data, duh!) it is not all there.

Is this normal to see the CI object in $this->session?
Is this because of the recursion always listed as "*RECURSION*"?

I was thinking about using the 'shortcut' $this->session->CI->parameters to access data from $this->parameters, thinking that it WAS part of the session (and it is!) but it does not seem like the right thing to do...

I know OBSession is not supported by the author anymore, but hope someone else here can answer why I see what is described above...

OBSession weirdness... - El Forum - 12-01-2007

The next version of ci has basically incorporated the features of Obsession into it's session lib.

So you can quite safely ditch OBsession and get CI's new session lib from SVN and use that instead.

OBSession weirdness... - El Forum - 12-03-2007

Ok, so if I pull the file from SVN, it will integrate with v1.5.4 and not cause any issues? Is that correct?

OBSession weirdness... - El Forum - 12-03-2007

Obviously make a backup of the original file first, but yes i think it should be fine.

I think all the function names are the same but if you have any problems, make sure the names are the same.

OBSession weirdness... - El Forum - 12-03-2007

In reply to your first question, you are probably seeing CI stuff in there as obsession has to extend the CI base object. However, it is probably excluding the CI data when it saves session data you define.

Probably. I ain't no expert.