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Multiple load of Library. - El Forum - 11-27-2007


I'm just started with CI but I have a question that I couldn't find on the website.

I have put the TemplatePower class as a library into CI but I need to load 2 different template files.

With normal coding I always used 2 different vars to load TemplatePower in.
But how must I do this while using CI?

I use the next code to load the library:
    $this->load->library('TemplatePower', $_COOKIE['taalPath'].'/About.tpl');
    $this->templatepower->printToScreen(); <br />


Sorry for the bad language, but I'm not English.

Multiple load of Library. - El Forum - 11-27-2007

After loading the library for the first time I think you can simply do $var=new TemplatePower; The library is simply included the first time so it should work. It works like this in Kohana and CI and Kohana aren't that different.