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JAVA BRIDGE - El Forum - 09-02-2011


I’m now using Apache Tomcat/6.0.20. To access Java from PHP i installed php-java-bridge which is working from a pure php site. But when use codeIgniter in apache tomcat,the welcome message is working,but when call other function it is not woking.
This is how my controller function looks like:
class Welcome extends Controller {
function Welcome()

function index()
echo "[removed][removed].href='".base_url()."index.php/welcome/first';[removed]";

function first(){

When I run this I got an error like
Quote:HTTP Status 404 - referer_payment/code_epay/index.php/welcome/first/

type Status report

message referer_payment/code_epay/index.php/welcome/first/

description The requested resource (referer_payment/code_epay/index.php/welcome/first/) is not available.
If any one knows the solution.Please help.
Thanks in advance!..........