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Facebook session - El Forum - 09-02-2011


i have got problem with Facebook API. When i have my configuration set like this (I use mod_rewrite in my application and all links i have in my htaccess):

$config['uri_protocol'] = 'QUERY_STRING';
$config['index_page'] = '';

it doesn't work because FACEBOOK PHP SDK gathers information from $_REQUEST so the url looks like: http://localhost/website/page.html?state=..... (after when we try to login (back request from facebook))

So please tell me any solution of this of course when i change config to for example:

$config['uri_protocol'] = 'AUTO';
$config['index_page'] = 'index.php'; and the request is from http://localhost/website/page/index it works but i don't want to have this urls.