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Setting up the base of templates - El Forum - 10-03-2011

Hi Guys,
I'm am a beginner at CI and have some questions regarding setting up templates and template parts. I have been reading the CodeIgniter User Guide and Googling, but haven't found my answers.

I have set-up the header and footer as a views and everything seems to work fine for my first controller. The issue I'm running in to now are the content templates. Most of my pages have a 3 column lay-out, some are 2 columns and there are a couple of 1 column pages. On the multiple column pages I have blocks of links that very per page and are often dynamic.

How do I set this up within CI? Do I make a View for the block that I populate from the controller? And how do I create several of those blocks and how do I assign to the page, placing them both on the right and left of the page?

My current goal is to move my website to a CI project. (to give an idea of what I'm trying to do).