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[solved] Error 500 / Zend search lucene - El Forum - 10-05-2011

[EDIT:] I think permissions are OK now, but the search returns a blank page with firebug saying '500 Internal Server Error'.

I have a server running CI with Zend Lucene search. I had this working locally fine. When on the server it gave the error 'mkdir() permission denied' with the app\libraries\Zend\Search\Lucene\Storage\Directory\Filesystem.php file.

I believe this was a permissions issue, and i'm really not hot on permissions. Looking around it seemed i needed to chown some directory(s) to the www-data user (?). But not really sure where i was meant to be changing the permissions?? I did chown -R www-data for the app\libraries\Zend folder, and the same for a folder 'indexes' in my resources folder which IIRC would be the lucene search indexes?.

After restarting apache there was no change so i tried changing /Site/http permissions as above. With no improvement i changed the owner of this (back??) to root. Now my search results page gives an Error 500.

Can anyone please explain, clearly, what i need to go about doing to sort this out??