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Disabled dropdown - El Forum - 10-08-2011

Hi, here is my problem.
I have a custom function i've created for render an html dropdown:

function form_dropdown_action($action, $name, $dato, $array_info, $data) {
   case 'clean':
    $value = '';
   case 'edit':
    $value = $dato;
   case 'repopulate':
    $value = set_value($name);
   case 'disable':
    $value = $dato;
    $array_info['disabled'] = 'disabled';
     return form_dropdown($array_info, $data, $value);

It works fine except by the 'disable' status.
When the $action is 'disable', it would disable the dropdown. But it doesn't work.

I hope you can help me.