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preg_replace_callback - El Forum - 12-06-2007


this is not really a codeingiter question, but help is often available here and I am developping in CI Smile

The situation:
I have all kinds of texts inside my database. These texts have hyperlinks in them like:

<a href="!localfile:3,4">link to file</a>

The second digit (the 4) is the id of a file I have also stored in the databse. These files have tags or names also. So what I want is a search throught the text and a replacement where !localfile:3,4 becomes a real link. What I had in mind was:

But ofcourse this is not working since you cannot run methods from objects, only functions. I have looked into preg_replace_callback and also call_user_func, bot cannot get it working.

So I need to replace id's in a text with filetags and I do not want to put all files in an array (or something) first.

Hope somebody can help.


preg_replace_callback - El Forum - 12-06-2007

It's not really a nice solution, but if you can run functions, why don't you make getfiletagbyid a helper(function) and remove it from your object...?

And what's the problem with preg_replace_callback, that seems the function you're looking for.
Why can't you get it to work?

preg_replace_callback - El Forum - 12-06-2007

Ok well. I did not want to make a helper. But ok, it works now with the helper:

$data['page'] = preg_replace_callback(
                'return "href=\"".site_url()."files/showtag/".getfiletag($matches[1]);'

function getfiletag($id)
    $CI =& get_instance();
    $file = $CI->mf->getById($id);
    return $file['tag'];