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Custom PHP with Codeigniter - SANDE - 12-08-2014

I'm a one day old new recruit to Codeigniter and i acknowledge that every day is a learning day so i'll be grateful for any help you may provide.

I have a php application that i want to port to Codeigniter. Would i need to start learning CI or would the same code work. For some part of it anyway, would it be possible to use the source code on individual pages. I understand the templating system in CI as well as the MVC (not very conversant in this, but i have been leaning all i can).

RE: Custom PHP with Codeigniter - Avenirer - 12-08-2014

CodeIgniter is PHP... The posibilities an limitless.

RE: Custom PHP with Codeigniter - sv3tli0 - 12-08-2014

CodeIgniter is a php Framework. .
be sure that you understand the definition of that word.

RE: Custom PHP with Codeigniter - bclinton - 12-08-2014

If you are looking to keep completed parts of your project along with codeigniter, you could probably do it by modifying your .htaccess file and making sure calls to those standalone .php pages bypass CodeIgniter's index.php.

But you probably don't want to do this.

I am assuming that your existing php code exists in php pages.  Codeigniter views are php pages so technically you could just make dummy controllers that do nothing more than $this->load->view('my_old_php_page.php');

Of course if these old pages access a database it would be pretty sloppy and the first thing you are going to want to do is move that database code into models.