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IIS7 not serving CI custom 404 - El Forum - 11-15-2011

Hi all,

Having a slight problem with the custom 404 pages in IIS7.

Recently moved production servers to a new facility, copied over IIS7 config etc and published the website to the new box. Whole site works like a dream, apart from the custom error pages.

In IIS, custom error pages are set to serve /errors/error404 - controller & method which exist and work if i navigate directly to it. If i type an incorrect address, such as, the server gives me a 404 response in the headers, but displays a blank screen.


GET something
404 Not Found

I created a directory and file outside of CI - /error/404.php and updated the settings in IIS and this worked fine, so this leads me to believe that it an issue with the framework, or some settings.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or perhaps an idea on something I've done wrong or a setting I've missed.