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a newbie tries to implement "Managing your Applications" - El Forum - 11-26-2011

So I've worked my way thru the 2 tutorials, with appropriate fixes and hacks (can't get the url & form helpers to load via the class constructor and instead used autoload).

For the site I want to use CI on - a sports site - I'm going to need multiple CI applications all running off the main site. Something like this:,, etc.

So I've checked out the user guide page

and to make things easier to learn I thought I'd construct two new toy blogs - blog and blog2. Following the advice on the page above I made a folder called applications


and created to subfolders off of that: \blog, and \blog2. I then copied the entire folder structure under


to each of the \applications subdirs - blog and blog2. I then made a copy of


to the \applications\blog and \applications\blog2 dirs as mentioned at the very bottom of the user guide page. Then I opened up the \blog2\index.php and made the following entry:

$system_path = '../system';
$application_folder = 'applications/blog2';

Based on my reading of the user guide page this should enable me to see the new blog2 at


but I'm getting a 403. What am I getting wrong here?