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global configs for pagination? - El Forum - 12-15-2011

i'm trying to set $config values for the pagination class so that it can be used throughout the application without having to set it in every controller class. i created a My_pagination class that extends CI_Pagination and i get an error...

/* Location: APPLICATION_PATH/libraries/My_pagination.php
class My_pagination extends CI_Pagination
public function __construct()
  $this->full_tag_open('<p class="pagination">');

Quote:Fatal error: Call to undefined method My_pagination::full_tag_open() in... line 9

what am i doing wrong? is this the right approach? i just want to set the open and close tags for the page links and set the per_page. this was the same approach i used for extending the CI_Form_validation class and it worked, why doesn't this one work?