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Tank auth vs Ion auth - El Forum - 01-02-2012

What are the main differences between tank auth and Ion auth conisdering a Beginner ??

Tank auth vs Ion auth - El Forum - 01-19-2012

This link at StackOverflow is a very thorough explanation of why Tank_Auth may be the "best" authentication library for a lot of complex reasons. As a beginner, like yourself, I found Ion_Auth much easier to implement mostly because of its better documentation.

I think it's also indicative that at the time of writing this reply the thread for Ion_Auth on this forum has 116 pages, whereas Tank_Auth has 47. It's not exactly evidence, but it suggests that there's more interest in discussing Ion_Auth.

If you choose to go with Ion_Auth, make sure you read Ben Edmunds introduction at He makes it clear that the controllers and views that he provides are just samples. Don't feel bound by them. For instance, I'm creating an admin area where only admin can create users. I don't want casual visitors registering. So, if admin successfully logs in, I want the auth controller to redirect the administrator to /admin/home. I changed:
redirect($this->config->item('base_url'), 'refresh');
redirect('admin', 'refresh');

Obviously, that redirect depends on having a suitable route expression set in route.php