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Codeigniter User Auth Library - El Forum - 01-23-2012

[eluser]Waldir Bertazzi Junior[/eluser]
Codeigniter user auth library v. 1.1

Today I updated the library and added some nice features. I think it's a pretty straight-forward, easy to use, yet powerful auth library for your sites.

Features includes adding users, removing users, protecting controllers and methods from not logged viewers and much more.

You can check it out on github!

Best regards,

Codeigniter User Auth Library - El Forum - 01-26-2012


This looks interested, but when calling either


It complains with

Message: Trying to get property of non-object
Filename: libraries/User.php
Line Number: 170

When profiling it, the session data shows;

login admin
pw admin
logged 1