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db query problem - El Forum - 02-24-2012

[eluser]Bigil Michael[/eluser]
my db is like this

id  username  lastactive   member_id        selected_member  status
1 Bigil       1330086806     1770               1791          1
2 shine       1330071220     1792               1770          1
3 sajith      576576575      1791               1770          1
my requirement is to change the status to 0 if member_id and selected_member are cross connected
ie rows 1 and 3
anybody knows how to write the query to get the required result.

thanks in advance...

db query problem - El Forum - 02-24-2012

[eluser]Mauricio de Abreu Antunes[/eluser]
What is cross connected?

db query problem - El Forum - 02-24-2012

[eluser]Bigil Michael[/eluser]
please look at the first row and third row there is a connection between them.
member_id of first row = selected member of third row and member id of third row = selected member of first row.

i want to change the status of these row to '0'.

db query problem - El Forum - 02-24-2012

Not sure if you could do that within a normal single query....

Maybe a subquery might work ? I assume from the example that both row 1 and row 3 will be updated.

UPDATE the_table SET status=0 WHERE id IN (
   SELECT FROM the_table TB1
     JOIN the_table TB2
           OR (TB1.selected_id=TB2.member_id)

Try runnning the subquery part to see if the ids are those to be updated.

db query problem - El Forum - 02-25-2012

You should use transactions for this kind of thing. If the first update doesn't work, it won't try the second. If the second update fails, it will roll-back the first update so neither get updated.