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Code for feature request (validation_errors_array()) - El Forum - 02-26-2012

Since im not sure how much uservoice likes code on their site, im pasting the code here since its a really simple one. It also might be useful for somebody else.

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Validation Error Array
* Returns an array with all errors associated with a form submission.
* This is a helper function for the form validation class.
* @access public
* @return array
if ( ! function_exists('validation_errors_array'))
function validation_errors_array()
  if (FALSE === ($OBJ =& _get_validation_object()))
   return false;

  return $OBJ->_error_array;

Example output:

array(3) {
  string(29) "The Name field is required."
  string(31) "The Last Name field is required."
  string(32) "The ID field is required."

The idea is not to promote my request in here, so with anything related to the request itself, please use

If you want to use the code, you need to place it on ./system/helpers/form_helper.php. This could also be added to [MY_]Form_validation, but since validation_errors() is a function in the helper, i decided to go there for this one as well.

Code for feature request (validation_errors_array()) - El Forum - 02-27-2012

You should submit this as a pull request on CodeIgniter's Github if you can.