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HMVC and MY_Controller methods? - El Forum - 02-29-2012

[eluser]Steve Goodwin[/eluser]
So I've just started using Modular Extension's and it seems the way to go since i want a separated admin and public area's. I was using Phil Sturgeons method of the autoload hack in my codeigniter config file.

This meant i was then able to created a MY_Controller and then have an additional Public_Controller and Admin_Controller. This worked fine until I stumbled upon the HMVC plugin!

Now with the autoload function in the config i see it cannot find the MX_Controller it needs to load, with it off I cannot secure all of my admin controllers, am i missing something or is there a better way to secure an admin area and its controllers using HMVC?

My folder structure is as follows for HMVC:

- Admin
-- Controllers
--- Admin.php
--- Dashboard.php
-- Views
--- Login.php
--- Dashboard.php

HMVC and MY_Controller methods? - El Forum - 02-29-2012

Take it out, HMVC doe's it's own autoloading